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Sunshine Manhattan Adult Dance Classes

中国舞 | 古典舞 | 民族舞 | 古风爵士 | 韩团舞

Traditional Chinese | Ethnic Chinese | Chinese Jazz | K-Pop

Manhattan is where everything started! 

At Sunshine Dance NYC's Manhattan school, we offer a variety of casual dance classes for adult dancers. Here at Sunshine Manhattan, you will not only learn to dance, but also make friends, find community, and appreciate Chinese/Asian culture. Selected students also have the opportunity to shine on stage at our own annual showcase and external events. 

You are in New York City - LET'S DANCE! 

Come chat with us on IG or WeChat to learn more and sign up for classes!

2023 Showcase 'Blossom' Recap


Have more questions not answered here? Find us on Wechat or Instagram @sunshinedancenyc 

1 /  Where is the studio located?

Classes are offered in professional dance studio spaces conveniently located in midtown Manhattan around 8th Avenue and 36th Street. Specific studio information would be communicated after class sign-up.

2 /  What is your class rate?

$22/hr for Traditional/Ethnic Chinese; $12.5/hr for Jazz/Kpop

​This is the rate for when you sign up for full sessions of a dance (e.g. 4 classes designed to teach one full choreography). Single classes are at slightly higher rates because of operational limitations.

3 / How do I sign up?

You could sign up by contacting us on WeChat or Instagram - promise we respond faster! Sunshine Manhattan's username is @sunshinedancenyc across platforms.

Simply let us know which class you are interested in and how many sessions you want to sign up for. Your spot is only confirmed after sending us screenshots of your payment. It is highly appreciated if you put in payment note which class the payment is for.

At the moment, we take payment in:

Students who sign up for full series of a dance are added to the class group chat (on WeChat) for notifications and discussions with other fellow students.

4 / What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our class sizes are capped and upon booking, a space is reserved for you. As a small business, we cannot afford to reimburse those who cannot attend the class on short notice. We hope you understand. 

Living in NYC is demanding, and plans change all the time. Therefore, in consideration of the city lifestyle and our limited operational capacity, we offer the below policy. Please direct-message us on WeChat or IG to communicate your need. If you reach out:

  • 7 days before class day: full credit transfer to other classes of the current series or 90% credit transfer to the following series of classes

  • 3 days before class day: full credit transfer to other classes of the current series or 80% credit transfer to the following series of classes

  • Within 24 hrs of class: no refund or transfer

  • For sickness, injury, or departure from NY that disable you from taking classes within the next 3 months: 80% refund or credit transfer. Seasonal or Annual pass will be paused and resumed upon return. 

  • Class credits have an expiry date of at most 2-series from the date of record.

A "Series" of classes refers to a set of 4-6 classes that span across 1-2 calendar months to teach one full piece of choreography. The class schedule on this page shows the latest series of classes. 

​For single class cancelled by Sunshine Dance NYC, full credit is recorded for student. For entire series of one dance cancelled, please reach out for full refund or credit transfer to future classes.

5 /  What should I wear to class?

Anything you feel comfortable moving in! 

We recommend stretchy clothes and ballet slippers, especially for Chinese dance classes.You could also wear socks or go bare feet for traditional dance classes. No sneakers please aside from K-Pop classes. 

6 /  What if I want to learn a dance that is not currently taught?

Message us on WeChat or Instagram (@sunshinedancenyc)! 

We collect students' interests regularly and set up voting for students to voice out what dances they want to learn. 

7 /  I've never danced before - may I join?

Absolutely YES! 

All classes at Sunshine Manhattan are "all level" aside from Chinese foundation classes on Saturday morning (check the current class page to see if it's offered). Each class begin with stretching and basic movements training that are relevant to the piece being taught. 


Many of our students only first started dancing after entering adulthood, but with consistent practice, they have made much improvement and gone out to perform at events. Adult dancing classes are fun and casual. You are encouraged to engage and push yourself, but we believe interest and fun are the most important part of your experience! 

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