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由Sunshine Dance NYC舞蹈工作室打造的Sunshine舞团(Sunshine Dance Crew) ,其主旨是为在优秀学员们提供更加专业系统的舞蹈表演训练的同时,致力于包装出优秀的舞蹈演艺团队并打造自己的艺术品牌,从而为团员们带来更多舞台表演和视频拍摄的机会。我们将全力为团员提供高质量多元化的训练课程,全方位提高团员们的舞蹈技巧和身体素质,从而培养团员们的自信和个人魅力,与大家共同打造一个高品质的舞蹈团队.


Sunshine Crew Constitution
Objective of Dancing Crew:
Sunshine Dance Crew, proudly presented by Sunshine Dance NYC, will provide Crew members with comprehensive and professional choreography training, and simultaneously commit to building our own high-quality original Dance brand to bring more choregraphing and commercial opportunities for Crew members. Crew Members will be provided all necessary support in training, choregraphing, lecturing for commercials and artists. We are devoted to train Crew members with high-quality and diversified training courses to improve dancing skills and physical fitness, bring out the self-confidence and charisma of team members. Altogether, making Sunshine Crew one of the first-class dancing crew.

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